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The Gnecco Lab of Reproductive Engineering is continuously growing in terms of personnel, innovation, infrastructure, and materials. We continue to be at the frontier of reproductive engineering and utilize innovative tools and approaches to understand the immune and endocrine mechanisms underlying women's health. Look at our progress! 

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Value Statement

We strongly believe that interdisciplinary and diverse ideas drive impactful scientific discovery. The Gnecco Lab values diversity and inclusion and encourages highly talented and motivated individuals of all ethnic backgrounds, gender identities, sexual orientations, and disabilities to join us in pushing the boundaries for reproductive health research. We seek to support any opportunity that encourages the individual's curiosity. We want to create and maintain a supportive lab environment to enable the physical and mental well-being of all lab members and allow everyone to reach their full potential. We are ALL part of the same team and seek to support each other!

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Our Community

We believe in an environment that encourages independence and critical thinking through a team effort. We are all part of the same community and commit to supporting each other.

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The Lab's Progress

Lab space progress
Gnecco Lab Space


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